26 January 2015

Five Happy Things

Last week felt like two or three rolled into one. It doesn't seem almost a week ago that I was booking my wedding as I have been struck down with the flu and now everything feels hazy. I feel like I have been ill a lot lately and perhaps my body is trying to tell me something. I think some change might be on the cards soon.

1. Booking Our Wedding Date. On Tuesday I rang my parents local registry office and booked in our wedding for May 30th!

20 January 2015

Gluten Free Nutella Cookies

I have been dreaming of making some Nutella cookies ever since I saw this recipe on Thunderlove. They are so quick to make and a simple substitution made them gluten free. Unfortunately the original Thunderlove version is no longer available, however you can just switch the flour out for regular plain flour.

5 January 2015

Five Happy Things

Hello! How are you on this first Monday of 2015? Personally I struggled to get up with my alarm this morning. I usually wake up at 7 on the dot no matter what, but the last few days I have managed to get a lie in and felt very well rested. For a lot of people, myself included, today was the end of their holiday period. I went back to work today feeling completely replenished after a lovely two week break.

1. Engagement dinner at Prezzo's. Byron's Mum invited us out for a celebratory dinner at one of my favourite pizza places, I really do think their gluten free base is the best I've tried. Pizza Express was close but since they have changed their recipe I can't bear to eat it.


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