23 February 2015

Five Happy Things

Last week was full of ups and downs, mainly in a professional capacity as I struggled to get back into the swing of work. I've spent quite a bit of time lately not feeling valued and that has been difficult. Schools can be thankless places but I do feel like I'm working through the worst of it now and coming out the other side with a slightly thicker skin. Still, there has been lots to be happy about in the last week, no matter how small.

1. Spring is Coming. I noticed yesterday morning how daffodils are starting to sprout in our flower boxes in the back garden. I was filled with joy as not only do I love daffodils but I also love Spring and the end to the short, cold days.

16 February 2015

Five Happy Things

Last week was truly brilliant and really productive. Well, real life wise, not so much blogging wise. I actually missed last weeks Five Happy Things post and whilst I did feel bad about it, I was at my parents and I left my laptop at home to have some unplugged time (it was half term). I did spend some time reading blog posts on my Ipad though so I need to get commenting this week too.

1. Wedding Preparation. At the beginning of last week, Byron and I visited my parents and the lovely Inn where will be having our dinner after the wedding. It's absolutely beautiful, the hosts were very accommodating and basically it's just got that great rustic vibe we are after.


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