2 March 2015

Five Happy Things

Oh last week, how I won't miss thee. To be perfectly honest it started really well. I felt like I had tons of energy and work was good. Then Thursday came along and kicked me hard with a migraine and some cramps. Thanks for that mother nature! By Friday I had also developed a finger infection which thankfully didn't require antibiotics but made me feel really sick. Two days off work and a weekend of sleep and rest meant that by yesterday evening I was feeling much more human. I have been tracking my migraines this year and there does seem to be a pattern so it's probable that they are hormonal. Something to take to my acupuncturist next time I guess.

Despite all that there were some happy moments to choose from last week. Here's what made the cut:

1. Coconut Collaborative. Byron bought me a treat last week as I hadn't been feeling well. This was the first time that I tried this frozen yoghurt and I am completely addicted. I got the chocolate version and it's completely dairy and added sugar free. The vanilla version even has good bacteria in it!


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