27 April 2015

Baby Kale Green Smoothie Bowl

At the beginning of the year, in a bid to be a bit healthier, I switched out my usual breakfast of peanut butter on toast for something much more satisfying, oats. I love oatmeal and I've been enjoying it for months, it keeps me full and is very versatile, even if I do tend to just cover it in maple syrup. Don't judge me. However, with the mornings getting brighter, and the days getting longer, I have traded in the oatmeal for the much more nutritious smoothie bowl. 

8 April 2015

Be Still

As I sit down to write this long overdue blog post, I have just burnt my finger on a raspberry whilst taking a cake out of the oven. It hurts but somehow it has sparked something which has prompted me to sit at my desk, in front of an empty screen, wondering how to start.


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