31 May 2015

Five Happy Things: Wedding Edition

There were so many lovely things that happened during the half term week but getting married was definitely the highlight. There will be some photos on here but apart from a few my friends took on their phones we are waiting for the more official ones. While we wait I thought we could have a special edition of the Five Happy Things post which is 100% wedding related.

1. The weather was good! On Friday we had torrential rain and I was really worried that would continue into the Saturday. I actually didn't care that it was a bit overcast, I just really needed it to be dry. 

18 May 2015

The Ramblers Retreat, Alton

Alton is probably better know for it's theme park but last weekend I joined Byron and his family for a walk through the woods. We didn't go the whole way as we had a table booked for food but it was nice spending an hour looking at bluebells, more wild garlic than you could shake a stick at and exploring an old abandoned train line. When the weather brightens up we will definitely be going back to finish off the route.


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