30 June 2015

Markeaton Park, Derby

I love Markeaton Park. Situated towards the centre of the city it is surrounded by the university, a lovely residential area and a scary roundabout. It's one of those places that doesn't feel like you are in the city and it's huge! Before I moved here I didn't think these sorts of places existed and I always like an excuse to go there. This weekend it was the first of the warm Saturday's when June showed it's true colours. 

7 June 2015

Five Happy Things

What a week. It's been a big come down from the wedding to find myself back at work on Monday and out of my "just married" bubble. On Wednesday my immune system completely flaked on me and I was sent home at breaktime and slept for 5 hours. I honestly didn't realise quite how tired I was but I can always leave it to my body to tell me to rest. The evenings have been wonderful and sunny, going home to my husband has been extra novel as we adjust to the change in our relationship status. To be honest, it doesn't actually feel like it's hit us yet. I'm still waiting on that bombshell. So here's the other stuff that made me happy this week:

1. Wedding Gifts. Byron and I have been married a whole week now and we didn't register for gifts but we did receive several well thought out ones which now have pride of place in our home. Byron's colleagues got us a Next giftcard too which I put to good use and finally got some pillows for the sofa.


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