17 November 2015

Boxed Brownies

I first discovered Boxed Brownies on Instagram through a mutual follower, LemonFreckles. Obviously I followed them, happy to see more sweet treats in my feed. I soon discovered that the lovely pair behind the idea - Clive and Hayley - are from Sheffield, use eggs from their own free range hens and only Fairtrade chocolate. The one downside? There was no gluten free option. Cue the sad face. 

However, last Thursday Boxed Brownies announced a blackberry and white chocolate gluten free brownie. Even better, they were doing a deal where I could get a box through my front door for only £10! Imagine my excitement come Saturday morning when the postman knocked on my door just in time for breakfast.

13 November 2015

Derby Christmas Market 2015

In the 8 years that I have lived in Derby, I have never once visited the Christmas Market. After visiting on Saturday I realise what a huge mistake that was. The Roundhouse is not only beautiful in it's own right but when it was filled with the goods of local Independent makers, it was wonderful. The only downside was simply how busy it was, but then after spending some time there it was easy to see why that was the case. 

We picked up a birthday card, two bumblebee cards which are now framed on our bedroom wall, a new bauble for the tree and a scented candle which smells like a log fire. I love a good Christmas market and this was the first one of the year for me. I'll be visiting Lincoln with my Mum next month and then I'm hoping to get in one more. Perhaps Sheffield or Manchester. 

Do you have a favourite that I should check out?

8 November 2015

Five Happy Things

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me which have gone by in a blur. Workwise, I have a new boss who is lovely and I am still very much in the process of trying to get up to speed and learn the ropes. With the nights getting darker I've just been eating, reading and sleeping when I get home so this blog has naturally been a little neglected. I'm trying to get into a new rhythm though so hopefully that will change soon. These are the things that have made me happy in the last couple of weeks:

1. A desk move at work means that I now have a window seat. It's probably a bit redundant at the moment with all the rain and then the dark setting in at 4.30pm but I'm really enjoying my new view.


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