31 December 2016

2016: The Best Bits

I really love the time between Christmas and New Year, it's definitely a time for quiet reflections, slowing down and taking stock. Before I knew it New Years Eve is upon us so here are the best bits from my year. List borrowed from Amy Elizabeth.

21 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Fifteen

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Well, it would be happy if we weren’t awoken at 5am by screaming pipes. It turns out there’s been a burst pipe on a road near us and we had no water!! Luckily, I had the foresight to ensure there was just enough water in the kettle for two cups of tea before I went to bed. There might have been bloodshed, just saying. On the upside, Severn Trent were already working on it at 7am so I may have water when I just home. Happy days!

Christmas Chocolates
I think I might have eaten my bodyweight in chocolate over the past couple of weeks. It was the chocolate orange at my parent’s which started me on this slippery slope. I am comforted by the fact that they are apparently smaller, making the fact that I ate a further two a non-issue. Of course, the seemingly endless boxes of Roses which keep appearing on our desks are helping either!

7 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Fourteen

Good morning and a wonderful Wednesday to you! I'm not going to lie, this week has felt pretty challenging as I'm on the cusp of a cold. That, combined with being very busy at work is pretty much just wiping me out. I'm tired all. the. time. so I'm making sure to get plenty of rest in the evenings and just chill out. Runny nose aside, there have been some lovely bits this week, here's some highlights.

Oh Christmas Tree
In the past week I have had the joy of decorating three Christmas trees! Not only did we pick up our own last Wednesday evening, but I also decorated the work tree and the one at my parents. I love getting out all that glitters and hanging it from the branches. This year we opted for a real tree which we bought on recommendation from Ikea. Not only are there trees £25 no matter the size, but we got a £20 voucher for use in Jan/Feb and they also recycle the trees into cat litter for the local shelter! So basically we bought a £5 tree which makes the bungalow smell amazing and we get to do some good for cats too.

30 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Thirteen

Good morning and happy frosty Wednesday to you. Navigating my very steep drive was such a thrill that I feel like I barely need the coffee steaming away in front of me right now. Still, I know I will be flagging come 10am without it, plus it's warm. Definitely need the warm. On to the wonderful:

Our Bedroom
Our bedroom was finally functional as of last Wednesday and sleeping in a bed felt oh so good! I'm still really chuffed that we laid the floor ourselves and did the majority of the work. I even hemmed our curtains which we got for a bargain from Ikea. As a side note, why are curtains so damn expensive?! Just a lampshade to go and I think we are pretty much there. Pictures to follow!

16 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Twelve

Good morning! Today I am happily sat at my desk dying to write this post and make a list of all the happy things. The DIY-ing has really taken it out of me lately and along with a project launch at work I've struggled to find the motivation and energy to sit and write these, but we are literally SO close to having the bedroom to a point where painting is the last thing to do! On with the happiness!

Christmas Markets
Last weekend was the Derby Christmas Market at the Roundhouse. Whilst I do also go to the seasonal ones throughout the year, this one is by far my favourite. I picked up a few extra Christmas presents as stocking fillers and bought the most beautiful handmade peg fairy for our tree. We started the festivities with Mulled Pimms which I didn't know was a thing but now I don't know how I ever lived without it.

26 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Eleven

Hello! After a couple of weeks break for the joy of packing, we're back with some Wonderful Wednesday goodness. Brought to you from the proud owner of her own home full to brim with boxes and who was scrambling around trying to find underwear this morning. Classy. 

Moving Day!
It finally arrived yesterday. While we are mentioning this, I should also mention our lovely movers who made the morning stress free. We were out of the old place and into the new within 2 hours! We can't find anything and the place is still a building site, but it's ours. 

5 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Ten

Ahh Wonderful Wednesday, a list of all the happy things over the past week which let's face it, this morning I really need. After a night plagued with nightmares and my brain being overactive, I've woken up with bags right down to my chin. Sitting at my desk nursing a cup of coffee and preparing myself for a very busy day ahead means that writing this post is the best possible start to my day. It's onwards and upwards from here folks!

So I'm a bit behind the crowd on this one - aren't I always?! - but Ghostbusters was laugh til my sides hurt fantastic! After reading some pretty awful reviews and discarding those reviews because I will watch anything which involves Sookie St James (Melissa McCarthy for those non Gilmore Girls fans), the husband and I sat down to watch on Saturday night. The story was great and the lead characters well written, I especially liked Holzmann played by Kate McKinnon whose engineering skills were out of this world awesome. The only downside to me was Chris Hemsworth's character as I didn't really get why he needed to be quite so stupid. I assumed it was to juxtaposition his role later in the film but I might have missed something there. Feel free to enlighten me with your own theories on that one.  

28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Nine

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I've been happily looking forward to writing this post this morning, it really frames my day and gives me a smile first thing which is why I no longer write it on a Tuesday night. The Wonderful Wednesday group is growing all the time and it's lovely to catch up with everyone else on their happy things over the last week. Without further ado, here are mine.

Gingerbread Chai Latte
I was ordering a lovely selection of tea for a friends birthday last Friday and stumbled across Bluebird Tea Company's Gingerbread Chai. As I am lamenting not being able to drink their Spiced Pumpkin Pie tea due to the sugar in it - I am still a few days off finishing Whole 30 - I thought it might just tide me over. I made my first cup after it arrived on Monday and I am obsessed! It's such a lovely pick me up in the afternoon and is great without milk too. 

21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Eight

Good morning and happy Wednesday!! I am squeezing this post in at work today before my day officially begins. It's been such a manic week that has involved vegging out in front of the telly in the evening and then heading straight to bed. Still, there's always lots to be thankful for and the Wonderful Wednesday posse is growing by the week!

The Sound of Scotland
This morning on the way into work the local radio show did a hilarious feature on Scottish accents based on the new Poldark character. The aim was to introduce yourself, say where you were from and repeat a phrase. The presenters and listeners then had to guess if they thought the caller was Scottish or not. There were a number of really terrible ones which made us laugh, one that fooled us and one we guessed as correctly being scottish.

14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Seven

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I was worried that I would struggle to write this post today and felt like shrugging it off for a week, however when I sat down at my desk this morning quite a few happy things came into my head. I do treasure these little moments of reflection on a weekly basis.

Going Sugar Free
As of today I have been added sugar free for 14 days and counting! I am currently on the Whole 30 program on advice from my acupuncturist and was finding it really hard in the beginning. However, now i'm getting into the swing of it it's not so bad. You do have to be a stickler for checking the labels on everything, who knew that there was added sugar in most bacon?! Madness! Anyway, other than a brief moment on the verge of tears at not being able to eat the most delicious looking pavlova at work yesterday, it is going well and I am definitely feeling better in terms of my stomach stuff.

9 September 2016

August Reads

 In August I finally joined the local library and I didn't realise how much I missed actual, physical books until I was stood inside practically inhaling them. I spent a long time looking around all of the shelves and whilst it's not large, there is still plenty of choice. I picked the two below and as I really enjoy reading book round-ups on other blogs, I thought I would post some here as a way of being accountable and making a commitment to read more instead of letting other things take priority.

7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Six

The end of last week was the rival for worst work week of the year, which is a shame seeing as it was a short one. It was an absolute blessing to be able to sit down and write about my happy things as it made me focus on those good little things which happened.

Annual Leave
I took a cheeky day of annual leave on Friday which meant that I only had a 3 day work week and it was needed. I had taken on far too much over the previous week and the bank holiday weekend, and  as a result felt emotionally fragile and just generally overstretched. Just one extra day to get myself together had me in a much better place to tackle this week and I am glad I was kind to myself, it made all the difference.

31 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Five

I've really noticed how the weeks are flying by recently. Before I know it another Wednesday is at the door and I'm sat at my desk remembering the things that made me smile so that I can share them here. The bank holiday weekend plus an extra day of annual leave has provided lots of time to catch my breath, I didn't realise how much I needed a break until 5.30pm on Thursday rolled around. Anyway, here are my best bits!

My Mum and I headed over to London early on Friday morning for her annual birthday trip. We crammed so much into the day I'm not entirely sure how we made it back to the train. Beginning with Camden Town, Baker Street, a walk through Regent's Park to the Zoo and then over to Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square made me glad I wore my comfy sandals. A day to remember, the photos of which will be up on this little space shortly.

24 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Four

Another week which just flew by, except over here it's been two! Wrapping my head around all of the house stuff whilst also trying to work my little butt off at work got the better of me and unfortunately this space just had to give. However, I can't stay away from the mid week merriment for long so here's what's been making me happy lately.

Spa Day
After completing a huge project at work during June, my workplace gifted me and a colleague with a spa day complete with complimentary back massage and facial. I've never actually been to a spa and wasn't sure what to expect, I did however know that I'm not keen on massages, unpopular opinion I know! We had a lovely day lounging around in the pool and the sauna and whilst my opinion of massages didn't change, I did really enjoy the facial. I left on Monday feeling much more relaxed and ready for the week ahead which involves the annual birthday trip to London with my Mum.

14 August 2016

Weekend Reads #4

Looking for some blog posts to read on this frankly rather grey Sunday? I've got you covered.

Body Confidence & Holidays // Sophie Cliff. A lovely post that a lot of people seemed to relate to and I was no exception. Body confidence is a constant struggle in an age where women are heavily airbrushed and made to feel they must look a certain way. Sophie's honest account of her experience had me nodding along at every paragraph. 

The Optimism of a New Start // The Girl Who Loved To Write. New starts are great, we all know this. But do we ever make the most of them? As the husband and I are now in the process of buying our first home, I am thinking about all the new traditions and good habits we can make.

A Simple Guide To Drying Your Herbs // Hello Glow. I've spent a lot of time trying to actually keep my herbs alive and it's good to know that there is an effective way of drying them for when their season is over. Should save me plenty in buying ready dried stuff too!

A 5 Piece Simple Summer Capsule Wardrobe // One Pleasant Day. Carrie manages to make so many outfits out of just five pieces look really easy. As someone who is going through their wardrobe trying to minimise my belongings, this is gold!

A Brain Scoop August // Snug. I always love reading these personal posts and getting to know the face behind the blog. Abigail's is a good 'un!

Habit Shift: Morning Walks // Reading My Tea Leaves. The entire Habit Shift series is an interesting read and the morning walks is no exception. Good habits are so important and I feel mine have completely fallen by the wayside lately. I really needed this post to give me a kick up the proverbial behind.

If you have any posts you have really enjoyed reading this week then give me a shout over on Twitter. I always love adding new blogs to my feed. Happy Sunday!

10 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Three

The past week has been a whirlwind of all things house related and trying to keep on top of my projects at work throughout all of the excitement. It's been a good 'un!

And Now We Wait
We met with our mortgage adviser on Saturday to run through our application and get that submitted to the bank. She was ever so lovely, going through each stage step by step and even helping us fill out the solicitor paperwork which was slightly on the overwhelming side. Now we wait for our mortgage offer to be accepted and the searches to come back before we can finally celebrate.

7 August 2016

Weekend Reads #3

I've been branching out and following a host of new blogs this week. If you have any favourites I would love to hear them! Here are my favourite posts of the week in case you're looking for any of your own.

Life Lately In July // Life as Unusuals. I love life round ups and this one is particularly exciting as Kerri has quit her job in pursuit of what makes her happiest! So looking forward to seeing where that takes her and following along on her blog, always a favourite read of mine.

The Great Kitchen Makeover // Life Outside London. Always a nosy one what a delight to be given the tour of Michelle's new kitchen. It's bloody gorgeous!

10 Steps To a Simple Cozy Kitchen // Homesong. I discovered Homesong a couple of weeks ago and I am already addicted to their way of living. Cozy is one of my favourite words and certainly something that I strive to achieve in our home. As we are crossing all our fingers and toes to have our own home soon this post was particularly inspiring.

Steam and Cream // Emma's Happy Little World. Winning the award for the week's filthiest title is this inspired date night post by Emma. Always a sucker for anything from yester-year, her cream tea and steam train date is a winner.

DIY The Garden // Wooden Window Sills. Amanda's beautiful garden DIY is a stunner, it's completely amazing how she and her boyfriend have transformed their outdoor space. Speaking of, the bathroom DIY is also the stuff of dreams! 

4 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Two

A little late with the Wonderful Wednesday post, especially as it is now Thursday but I don't schedule these so that's bound to happen sometimes as plans change. This week has been a roller-coaster of emotions from nail biting anxiety to excitement and back to anxiety again. Plenty of lovely things happened so here are the highlights.

Offer Accepted!
The husband and I put in an offer on a lovely little home in an area we both love and currently rent in. This week the offer was accepted! It was a mad scramble around for everything the estate agent needed to take the home off of the market and working in financial services has certainly helped. I was well ahead of the curve after seeing an adviser to get a decision in principle from the bank and next week we meet her again to do all the formal mortgage stuff. Happy days!!

28 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday One

I started writing this post at work, thinking that I should make the most of getting there early from now on. What better way than by starting my first Wonderful Wednesday post? Things have been quiet around these parts but lots of lovely things have been happening off the screen.

A New Friend
Many people bemoan how it's much more challenging to make friends as an adult and I am no exception. A few months ago someone new started at my workplace and we bonded over a love of fruit of all things. We soon swapped numbers and made a dinner date for next week! Lovely to add another person to my friendship group who actually lives locally.

15 May 2016

Weekend Reads #2

Although I haven't been writing here, I have been reading my usual favourites and even found a few new reads over the past month. Here are a few links which I loved and maybe you will too.

Vegan Banana Nut Protein Shake // The Peppermint Pencil. Ever since I finally invested in a nutribullet I have been gathering up smoothie recipes, this one sounds like a winner!

101 Uses for Tiny Jars // Sprunting. It's always lovely to come across another person who is jar obsessed. I used a lot of my jars at my wedding to hold all of the flowers and then accidentally threw away the lids. They didn't really have 101 uses after that.

Jeans: The Struggle is Real // Life Outside London. It's no secret that Michelle makes me belly laugh whenever I read her blog but this one was a particular favourite. I can confirm that I bought this jeans too, in black, and they definitely don't disappoint. At half the price of my beloved Topshop Joni they are quite the contender. They don't keep as snug around the knees for me though.

Embracing Early Starts // One Pleasant Day. A new read for me and one I can't get enough of. Each post is so beautifully written and photographed but it doesn't lose that personal touch that I find a lot of blogs do. It was hard to narrow it down to one post but this one in particular really resonated with me as I am an early riser myself but don't always use the time that productively.

Taking Stock: April // Muted Mornings. What is a links round up without the ever so lovely Mimmi I hear you say. I couldn't agree more and I love these little round up posts. One to adopt for this blog I think.

10 Happy Things #34 // Jasmin Charlotte. Always a fan of happiness and I also like to find new reads so these posts are practically heaven for me. Jasmin always makes this homebody want to travel and now I also want one of those fancy water bottles. Darn.

The Joys of Second Hand Bookshops // The Lit Nerd. Ellie's blog is probably the reason that I have picked up so many books lately, this post have reminded me that I am definitely overdue stopping by a second hand bookstore and also that I still have to join the library down the road.

Photo A Day #19 // Life As Unusuals. I don't know how Kerri manages to find so many interesting things to document over the course of a week. Either way, she always makes me feel extremely lazy and gives me a shove out of the door to have my own adventures.

Have you discovered any new reads lately that I should check out? Leave them in the comments or tweet me, I'd love to discover more.

14 May 2016

What's in a name?

Well, after taking a big break to think about what I wanted for this little blog I am back with a new name and at some point in the (very) near future, a slightly spruced up look. The site is getting a little spring cleaning this weekend with updated bio's and such. I feel like perhaps I outgrew Oh Hello, or perhaps I simply couldn't relate to it anymore. A lot has happened since I last posted, Byron and I moved into a new home, a huge project at work is now fully underway and I turned 30! Eek! I'll be back to catch you up properly but I'm currently thinking about food and Eurovision so let's do that tomorrow?

In the meantime, bear with me and the slightly wonky site but if something really isn't working - Disqus I am looking at you! - then please let me know and I'll get it fixed asap.

12 February 2016

Ten Things I Learnt From Veganuary

So here we are, halfway through February and I still haven't gotten this post up. But today is the day friends! I really enjoyed my Veganuary experience so here are ten things I learnt:

1. People will ask you, a lot, why on earth you would do such a thing, where you are getting your protein from and how could you possibly live without cheese?! In that order, from personal experience. Although it is absolutely none of their business, I found it helpful to have an answer to these questions if only to feel like I had it all under control.

19 January 2016

Tried and True: Veganuary

So I'm past the halfway mark and feeling pretty good about this lifestyle change of mine. I will detail much more about it at the end of the month but I've had a few questions about what I've been eating so it seemed like a good time to share some links. 

5 January 2016


Not a New Years resolution but more a soothing for my always sore stomach, I am taking part in Veganuary. If you haven't heard of this before, it's where you change to a strictly vegan diet throughout the month of January. People do this for a wide variety of reasons from animal welfare to simply wanting to eat healthier, you can read more about the cause on the website if that's of interest. 

3 January 2016

Weekend Reads #1

(image via unsplash)

A roundup of my favourite posts this week, most of which are New Year related for obvious reasons. Whether you are saying goodbye to the old, hello to the new or just wanting to read a little about reflecting on a year passed, these girls have got you covered:

2015 // Superlatively Rude

A New Years Resolution // Sophie Cliff

Reflections on 2015 // Bless the Weather

So Long 2015 // Life Outside London

Hello 2016 // Sprunting

Home // The Cup and Saucer

New Year New Blog // Life As Unusuals


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