19 January 2016

Tried and True: Veganuary

So I'm past the halfway mark and feeling pretty good about this lifestyle change of mine. I will detail much more about it at the end of the month but I've had a few questions about what I've been eating so it seemed like a good time to share some links. 

5 January 2016


Not a New Years resolution but more a soothing for my always sore stomach, I am taking part in Veganuary. If you haven't heard of this before, it's where you change to a strictly vegan diet throughout the month of January. People do this for a wide variety of reasons from animal welfare to simply wanting to eat healthier, you can read more about the cause on the website if that's of interest. 

3 January 2016

Weekend Reads #1

(image via unsplash)

A roundup of my favourite posts this week, most of which are New Year related for obvious reasons. Whether you are saying goodbye to the old, hello to the new or just wanting to read a little about reflecting on a year passed, these girls have got you covered:

2015 // Superlatively Rude

A New Years Resolution // Sophie Cliff

Reflections on 2015 // Bless the Weather

So Long 2015 // Life Outside London

Hello 2016 // Sprunting

Home // The Cup and Saucer

New Year New Blog // Life As Unusuals


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