26 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Eleven

Hello! After a couple of weeks break for the joy of packing, we're back with some Wonderful Wednesday goodness. Brought to you from the proud owner of her own home full to brim with boxes and who was scrambling around trying to find underwear this morning. Classy. 

Moving Day!
It finally arrived yesterday. While we are mentioning this, I should also mention our lovely movers who made the morning stress free. We were out of the old place and into the new within 2 hours! We can't find anything and the place is still a building site, but it's ours. 

5 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Ten

Ahh Wonderful Wednesday, a list of all the happy things over the past week which let's face it, this morning I really need. After a night plagued with nightmares and my brain being overactive, I've woken up with bags right down to my chin. Sitting at my desk nursing a cup of coffee and preparing myself for a very busy day ahead means that writing this post is the best possible start to my day. It's onwards and upwards from here folks!

So I'm a bit behind the crowd on this one - aren't I always?! - but Ghostbusters was laugh til my sides hurt fantastic! After reading some pretty awful reviews and discarding those reviews because I will watch anything which involves Sookie St James (Melissa McCarthy for those non Gilmore Girls fans), the husband and I sat down to watch on Saturday night. The story was great and the lead characters well written, I especially liked Holzmann played by Kate McKinnon whose engineering skills were out of this world awesome. The only downside to me was Chris Hemsworth's character as I didn't really get why he needed to be quite so stupid. I assumed it was to juxtaposition his role later in the film but I might have missed something there. Feel free to enlighten me with your own theories on that one.  


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