30 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Thirteen

Good morning and happy frosty Wednesday to you. Navigating my very steep drive was such a thrill that I feel like I barely need the coffee steaming away in front of me right now. Still, I know I will be flagging come 10am without it, plus it's warm. Definitely need the warm. On to the wonderful:

Our Bedroom
Our bedroom was finally functional as of last Wednesday and sleeping in a bed felt oh so good! I'm still really chuffed that we laid the floor ourselves and did the majority of the work. I even hemmed our curtains which we got for a bargain from Ikea. As a side note, why are curtains so damn expensive?! Just a lampshade to go and I think we are pretty much there. Pictures to follow!

16 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Twelve

Good morning! Today I am happily sat at my desk dying to write this post and make a list of all the happy things. The DIY-ing has really taken it out of me lately and along with a project launch at work I've struggled to find the motivation and energy to sit and write these, but we are literally SO close to having the bedroom to a point where painting is the last thing to do! On with the happiness!

Christmas Markets
Last weekend was the Derby Christmas Market at the Roundhouse. Whilst I do also go to the seasonal ones throughout the year, this one is by far my favourite. I picked up a few extra Christmas presents as stocking fillers and bought the most beautiful handmade peg fairy for our tree. We started the festivities with Mulled Pimms which I didn't know was a thing but now I don't know how I ever lived without it.


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