25 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Eighteen

Happy Wednesday! I really thought that I wouldn't make today's post. Despite missing last weeks as well, I am struggling to find those little joys amongst all of the stress I have been experiencing in my professional life. Truth be told, it's been hard. However, sitting at my desk and typing this post will give me a moment to actually hone in and focus on those moments, which, can only be a good thing. On to the wonderful!

The Sunrise
On Sunday morning I woke up to the prettiest pink sunrise over garden. It was the first moment in quite a while that I had stopped to take notice of it. The front of the house was bathed in a golden glow but the pink when I made my breakfast really made me smile. 

15 January 2017

Weekend Reads #6

Happy Sunday! I've spent most of this weekend trying to get the second bedroom to a point where the skirting boards can go on next week. A slightly dull but necessary task. Tonight is all about going to watch Sherlock at the cinema, yes I'm that person. Hope you've had a good one!

Here's a round up of some of my favourite posts from the last week if you wanted to add some more to your own reading list:

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Please share your favourites in the comments, I'd love to find other blogs to read.

11 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Seventeen

Good morning and happy Wednesday! This week my cold has threatened to make a comeback and I am wrapping myself in blankets and drinking all the tea at my desk. Despite this, there has been quite a few good things in the last week and here are the highlights:

Byron's Promotion
Byron got a promotion at work towards the end of the last year and started his phase over to his new team yesterday. I am so proud of him for being brave enough to try something out of his comfort zone and know that he will be a lot happier in his new role.

7 January 2017

Weekend Reads #5

Happy Saturday! I hope that the first work week of the year wasn't too painful for you and that you have a restful weekend. I'm planning on a little acupuncture, some reading, a trip to the library and some DIY. 

Here's a round up of some of my favourite posts from the last week if you wanted to add some more to your own reading list:

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Let me know your favourites in the comments!

4 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Sixteen

Happy Wonderful Wednesday to you! The first one of the year is here and I for one am really happy to be continuing this into 2017. Even if I don't post anything else, and even if I sometimes skip one, I do love noting down these little things which happen each week. This will be a two week special because Christmas!

Catching up with family
My family only live 70 miles away but the 2 hour trip isn't one that we make regularly when life gets busy. Don't get me wrong, I'm the girl who speaks to her mum on the phone several times a week but it just isn't the same as sitting in the same space and being around the energy of those people who shaped you. We only had a few days visiting my folks but those days of cooking, laughing and eating copious amounts of desserts were definitely ones to be treasured.

2 January 2017

2017: Word of the Year

I'm not one for grand gestures or impressive New Years Resolution's which promise to change my life but instead make me feel guilty and miserable. Instead, like many others, I am adopting a word of the year. Last year, unofficially, it was kindness. Whilst I have always been on the ball with my kindness to others, it was kindness towards myself which was lacking. I think I really tackled that with my eating habits last year, adopting Veganism for 8 months for the sake of my digestive system and then trying Whole 30. I also took up monthly acupuncture and gave myself some space to just be in the moment. 


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