26 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Four

It's been a manic few weeks so these posts have been on the back burner but actually, although things are still extremely chaotic, I have missed taking the time to sit and write these little joys. Now after a 13 hour workday i'm finally sitting down to write!

Our Lovely Neighbour
Byron has started mowing the lawn for our elderly neighbour and this week he popped over with a card to tell Byron how much it meant to him. It was such a sweet and unexpected gesture. I definitely want to take the time to write more thank you cards, it's something which seems to get forgotten and it makes me smile to see that little note sitting on the mantle.

24 April 2017

Haddon Hall

I've been having a little digital clear out of late and came across these photos of Haddon Hall from last August. That bank holiday was particularly special because I finally met one of my favourite online bods all the way from Germany! We spent a good few hours in the gardens and exploring the hall before stopped for a roast dinner and some great gluten free cake. 

21 April 2017

Weekend Reads #7

We made it! This week felt like it could go on forever despite it being only 4 working days! I've kept my sanity by reading plenty of great posts and articles, some of which I was a bit late to the party. Hopefully you will find a gem among these too. Enjoy!

The Terrifying Art of Self-Belief • Sophie Jo Writes
Be The Boss, Not The #GirlBoss • Anna Jordan
How To Slow Your Life When You're Feeling Buried • Design For Mankind
It's OK To Be Happy With A Quiet Life • No Sidebar
3 Things To Do Slower • Thirteen Thoughts
A Bathroom Makeover • Someone, Somewhere

If you've enjoyed reading something lately then do share in the comments or via Twitter.


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