31 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Seven

Good morning and happy hump day! I hope your bank holiday was full of good bits even if the weather didn't quite hold out. Here are my moments of merriment:

Ragdale Hall
Last Monday was spa day, a little treat from work after the annual event/project was completed. I was definitely in need of a little downtime and I hadn't been to Ragdale before. Whilst the food wasn't quite as good as Hoarcross Hall the previous year, I much preferred the pool area. The thermal spa was amazing and I loved the volcanic salt bath and the candle lit pool. Relaxing bliss!

29 May 2017


Last Friday Byron and I took an extra day of work to make the most of the sunshine we had been having. We took a picnic and headed down the road to Dovedale and the weather was as glorious as promised. It was lovely to spend a few hours wandering up to the peak and back, I never tire of visiting the stepping stones. The mint choc chip ice cream is pretty good too!

17 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Six

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I'm starting to get into a bit of rhythm with posting and now things are dying down a bit in my work life I really like I can really dedicate more time to this little online space. I hope your week has been lovely, here are my best bits:

10 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Five

Hello! We made it to another wonderful mid-week list. It's been a bit of a mixed bag but plenty of gems to talk about. Without further ado!

7 May 2017

Bits & Pieces: April 2017

A new series celebrating those little things that made this month grand....


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