5 June 2017

Bits & Pieces: May 2017

A monthly series celebrating those little things that made life grand....

Devouring the recently discovered Booja Booja Chocolate Hazelnut dairy free ice cream by the tub full. This warm weather has had me craving something to cool me down and this was spot on. The salted caramel one is good too.

Reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which has surprised me because I wasn't a huge fan of Eat Pray Love. Love this one though!

Enjoying lazy Sunday morning breakfast with flowers that stayed fresh for two whole weeks.

Relaxing at the spa, a gift from work for a project well done.

Watching the bees enjoy our garden which is full of blooms at the moment. The herb garden is a particular favourite and I didn't know that chives could look so pretty.

Exploring in Dovedale and enjoying that early day of Summer we had when everyone wore as little as possible to catch the sun. Apart from me in Factor 50 and a big hat it would seem.

Creating a cosy space at home by finally adding curtains to the living room. We also bought a new TV stand to house my parent's old TV they are gifting us and had a really good spring clean.

Celebrating our second wedding anniversary.

Baking some banana bread with the almost mushy but perfect for a cake bananas.

How was your May? Did it start to feel like Summer where you are?


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