9 June 2017

Weekend Reads #8

Hello and happy weekend vibes! I personally feel like I have a bit of a general election hangover and am reeling from the state of affairs. So in the interests of distracting myself - and you, lovely reader - here is a list of posts that have made an impact on me over the past couple of weeks.

I really want to get back into flexing my creative muscles, past writing and creating epicly organised Trello boards. The truth about the hard part of creativity by Work Over Easy has given me a much needed boost.

A very important article, both if you are simply interested in the movement or been going through the process for a while. 3 simple living lies to declutter ny Sarah Anne Hays for No Sidebar gives another perspective and encourages us to look beyond the numbers and the how to's to find a process that works for us.

Something to think about by Marbl Moon with regards to our Digital footprint. As bloggers we do have a larger footprint than most and staying safe and being authentic is becoming increasingly important.

Since buying my first camera I am obsessed with reading articles about ways I can improve. 4 ways to grow your photography by A Balancing Peach is a useful resource to focus the mind.

The curious case of the girl and the "glamorous" older man by Floraidh for Medium really resonated with me. It came at such an interesting time too after a conversation at work where a colleague didn't think a 5 year age gap at 16 was a lot. As someone who experienced a number of grown men behaving in a way that felt flattering but was incredibly inappropriate I really had to disagree. Floraidh's article is well written and heart wrenching at times.

If you've enjoyed reading something lately then do share in the comments or via Twitter. 


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