7 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Eight

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a good week despite the weather having taken a turn for the worst. Here are my moments of merriment:

New Pyjamas
Yesterday my new pyjamas were delivered and they are a dream. Pretty, pink and covered in cacti they are the perfect replacement for my now holey bee ones. There is something so comforting about snuggling up in some new PJ's after a long day at the office.

Boot Fixed
Probably not an exciting thing for anyone else but my boot has been broken for around 7 weeks now and I finally had it fixed! I admit that it didn't seem that big a deal before and the cost just didn't feel worth it, however, it's a classic case of not knowing how good something is until you don't have it anymore. Now I can open it and throw things in there with wild abandon. It really is the little things.

Digital Clear Out
I've been minimising my earthly belongings for around 7 months and finding such a benefit in my mental health of doing so. This week, in a particularly stressed moment, I turned my attention to my digital life. Particularly my computer at work. I had a big reorganise of my folders and Trello boards, deleted 16GB of downloaded files (!!) and cleared up my desktop. I feel so much more organised and motivated as a result that I'm now looking for other areas I can minimise.

The Year In Books
The only Twitter chat I have dipped my toes into so far but definitely one of the good ones. I've taken part in a few now and the conversation is always so lively and questions well thought out. Everyone really engages and shares their favourite books, quotes, poems and recommendations. It's a monthly chat which I would really recommend. If you want to join the next one it's at 9pm on the 3rd July and you can find the Twitter page here.

The lovely Sally is the one who got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies over on Sally Tangle. There's even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness and mid week merriment so be sure to pop over to them for more of the good stuff - MichelleHelenKateCatJoKerriLauraPetaElenorKelly and Katie. Don't forget to check out the #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter too, the WW family is growing all the time!


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